Art and Science Camp "Natural Reserve/Nature as Reserve, Stora Bornö summer of 2015

Discussions and workshops in oceanography/climate, the Gaia Theory, Meditation, The Importance of Independent Thought in Religion and Philosophy, and Posthumanism were attended by Oceanographers, Artists, Priests and Philosophers.
Participants: Gustavo Perillo Nogueira, Anneli Pihlgren, Peter Hefner, Lars Åsling, Ilona Huss Walin, Nina Sinkkonen, Frida Klingberg, Björn Perborg, Marie Bondeson, Fröydi Laszlo, Johan Hallberg, Åke Lindén, Jeanette Schaering,Lars van der Heeg, Johan Rodhe and Leif Djurfeldt

We are most thankful to the Swedish Arts Grants Comittee and the Region Västra Götaland Culture who supported the workshop and production of new art on the theme "Anthropocene".
A new camp is planned for June 2016, where we will show the results of our critical thoughts and reflections on the theme "Anthropocen" and invite the public to an open house at Stora Bornö Oceanographic Research Station.

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