Coevolution Concept

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Forlaget 284 lanserer nå en ny, hovedsakelig engelskspråklig bok-linje kalt Co/Co - Coevulolution Concept.
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Den förste boken som publiseres er "You Must Carry Me Now- The Cultural Lives of Endangered Species"av
Mark Wilson og Bryndís Snæbjörnsdóttir

"In our often belated attempts to steward, care for or ‘repair’ environments – when individual animals and animal populationas are transformed from beings and society into data, what of consequence is really captured – and importantly, what is lost?

This project investigates tensions and cooperation among scientific, public, and corporate stakeholders in how we have managed the wilds and the public lands. As the artists capture the complexity of human groups each vying for their ideas about the future of endangered species, the art work becomes a figure for the larger difficulty of realizing any sustainable future. Who is included in the future and at what cost?"


Neste bok er Jeanette Schäring med boken "Matter in Motion and the Mysticism of Nature´s Colour"

"I am interested in the human perception and the interconnectedness of things in nature and life in which various elements and matters exist in more than one form. Working with the craft of slow dynamical processes, the transformation of colour and the artistic process using life circles, inter-species communication, microorganisms, organic fibre/material and organic natural colour, engaging between cultural historical methods, craft, art and science; focusing anywhere in-between the micro and the macro. My works emerge from the meeting between the sensations and the intellectual, the boundary between what we know and what we do not understand. It is transforming and unleashing the often forgotten in nature, which thrives by creating colour through photosynthesis, to communicate and by using colour as an indicator for the environment."

Den tredje boken blir en antologi, basert på arbeidet i Club Antropocen

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